Waste Management

The best (nuclear) waste is the one that is not generated. Nuclear waste originates from different sources, and can remain radioactive for a few seconds until hundred thousands of years. As a nuclear engineering consultancy, it is the ethical task of TBE to work on an as safe as possible disposal of the existing nuclear waste, and to minimise the nuclear waste that is generated.


TBE has a large experience in the process flow of radioactive waste management:

  • Classification
  • Characterisation
  • Treatment and conditioning
  • Storage
  • Packaging


We focus on a strategic but no-nonsense vision on waste management, from safe but realistic acceptance criteria for (final) disposal of nuclear waste, an efficient design of nuclear systems to avoid waste production, … towards sound techno-economical analysis of waste management costs.

The TBE experts are recognised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for their expertise.


  • NIRAS – Techno-economical studies for the cAt A Project
  • NIRAS – Techno-economical analysis of the waste during decommissioning
  • Belgoprocess – Optimization of transports and waste processing flows
  • IAEA – Customised training course about nuclear waste management
  • SWECO – Third-party review of a concept study for a new nuclear building for complex nuclear waste