Safety and Security Studies

Nuclear technology can only be developed with sufficient attention to safety and security! Installations should not only be safe, but also be protected against malicious intentions.

TBE’s experts continuously strive to contribute to the safety and security level of our clients. We have a no-nonsense conservative but realistic view on safety and security, and a large experience in the field.

Safety and security during all phases of your project

All TBE’s consultants are safety experts. We are experienced in the particular licensing aspects of nuclear systems (from small to large installations), but also in classic safety topics. TBE assists you during all phases of your nuclear project: design, licensing, operation, lifetime extension or decommissioning.

We are experienced in

  • Performing specific safety studies (e.g. ALARA, release, external impact, …). Thanks to the large network of TBE, we can rely on external experts in specific domains that are not available at TBE itself.
  • Packages and transport studies
  • Writing of licensing documents (e.g. PSAR, SAR, MER, …)
  • Periodic Safety Reviews
  • Safety culture projects
  • Maintenance and LTO of installations
  • Security studies
  • Emergency planning and training

We have experience in dealing with various authorities concerning nuclear projects and can take the lead or assist you in your licensing case

Nuclear vision at the early stage of your project

TBE consultants are trained to tackle projects with complex risks. Therefore we implement typical nuclear safety aspects from the early stage of your project, making your system safer and more efficient, saving time and money. This is the unique advantage of a nuclear engineer-architect. We provide nuclear design input to classical architect engineers.

Innovative view

TBE continuously works on safety at its broadest sense, by developing innovative views on risk management. Thanks to our large experience in the sector, we know the limitations of traditional safety analysis and risk management techniques in a complex technological process such as a nuclear installation. Thanks to our interdisciplinary experience, TBE spreads a no-nonsense, open view on safety and tries to develop new techniques to complete the existing reference techniques, e.g. in human factors management in risk analysis.

Up to date with Belgian and international legislation

TBE experts are familiar with national and international legislations with regard to safety and security:

  • In radiation protection: KB ARBIS, ICRP standards, …
  • Nuclear safety legislations: KB WENRA, GAC classifications, US NRC standards, IAEA safety series, …
  • Nuclear transport legislation: KB transport, IAEA directives
  • Legislations for specific safety studies


  • JRC-Geel & Belgoprocess – Periodic Safety Reviews
  • SCK CEN – PSAR for a new building for production of medical isotopes
  • Belgoprocess – Emergency planning for security
  • SCK CEN – Licensing of new buildings for security
  • PALLAS – Third-party review of radiation protection during process flows
  • SWECO – Third-party conceptual design review
  • JRC-Geel – Maintenance management