What we do


TBE is a knowledge company, academically based, but with a large on-the-field experience from different nuclear installations. We try to catch up with the (disappearing) knowledge from Belgium’s rich nuclear history.

Advanced nuclear systems
Decommissioning and dismantling
Measurement techniques
Radiation Physics
Radioactive Waste Management
Risk Management


TBE provides a wide range of services for your (nuclear) project through our team of experienced nuclear engineers:

Licensing of (nuclear) installations
Project management
New business development
Third-party reviews


In need of a training course on nuclear safety, physics, criticality management or anything related?

We combine our academic education with on-the-floor experience to get you all the knowledge you need to get started. Contact us for custom training.


Who we are

The Binding Energy is a team with a broad engineering background and nuclear industry experience. Meet our team of experts and find out what they bring to the table.

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We are always looking for motivated professionals with a keen analytical and no-nonsense mindset. Looking for a challenging job and want to improve your skills through both internal and external training?

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