We have an innovative view on risk management for complex technological processes, based on our more than 15 year experience in the nuclear world.

Nuclear systems are exemplary complex systems and require the highest safety levels. Even if you reduce the probability of a major accident by different preventive barriers, the consequences would still be considerable and affect the surroundings of the nuclear facility. For such projects, transparent risk communication, too, is indispensable.

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CTS: factoring in human errors

TBE’s risk management methodology for complex technological systems (CTS) is based on the investigation into basic processes rather than complex safety assessments. We factor in possible failures of human beings, especially when interacting with complex systems. In short: we are people, and we make errors.

TBE experts as certified prevention advisors

Several TBE experts are (becoming) certified as level I prevention advisors. They are specialised in qualitative and quantitative risk assessment techniques such as HAZOP, SWIFT, ....

Today, TBE is developing specific innovative risk management tools for dealing with human factors in CTS. 

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