Nuclear particles, radiation and their interactions with humans and materials: this is a particular domain of a nuclear installation. Therefore, for more than 15 years, TBE is specialised in all type of nuclear physics topics. We apply our academic knowledge on nuclear physics both in studies as directly on-the-field.

TBE relies on several years of experience using existing particle and radiation transport codes (beta user of MCNP, SERPENT, ORIGEN, Microshield, …). We also develop our own codes and post-processing tools, based on the needs of our clients.

To perform calculations, TBE disposes of powerful and reliable working stations (e.g. Dell Precision Tower 5820 with 20 Intel Xeon logical cores @ 3.3 GHz). Where needed, we foresee cluster time on the Ghent University supercomputer.

We however prefer to think before calculating, and to develop rules of thumb instead of time consuming detailed calculations… We like to understand the physics behind our problem!

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Shielding design and calculations

We perform both shielding calculations based on conservative engineering and analytical rules, as well as detailed shielding calculations with codes for complex interactions or geometries. TBE develops a strategic shielding design management that allows efficient interactions with other domains. Therefore we develop rules of thumbs for a source term, e.g. for thicknesses of shielding walls or for openings in shielding walls such as doors, chicanes, penetrations for cabling, … TBE prefers to work hand-in-hand with the architect-engineer for new installations in order to ensure an safe and efficient design.

Nuclear physics, dose rates, skyshine and activation calculations

Fundamental interactions, source term designs, but also interactions of particles with humans and materials. All of them are important to calculate for a nuclear system. We optimise or systems ALARA (As Low As Reasonable Achievable) for people, minimising the amount of radioactive waste by efficient material choices.

Medical imaging

TBE is specialised in Monte Carlo calculations and measurement techniques. This is the ideal combination to contribute to the R&D of medical imaging. Making imaging quicker and more efficient, that’s our aim. In this way less radioactive waste is created during medical nuclear applications.


We are experts in criticality management, for both reactor and other applications, for both fixed materials as well as liquids. TBE focuses on a criticality safe design of new installations, but also on a meticulous investigation of modifications on existing installations. We perform criticality calculations, and optimize designs on the different factors influencing reactivity: mass, geometry, moderation, reflection, absorption, ...

Code design and development

We develop custom-made nuclear physics codes or post-processing tools, based on probabilistic calculation principles. 

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