Every nuclear installation needs to be decommissioned and dismantled at the end of its lifespan. Depending on the type of nuclear installation, this work varies from quasi-classical demolition work to complex remote-handled activities.

As commercial nuclear activities started in the 1960s in Europe, many installations today are ready for decommissioning. Efficient decommissioning leads to a minimisation of the amount of nuclear waste.

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D&D and TBE

TBE assists you in your dismantling activities, from decommissioning of an installation to site clearance to greenfield:

  • techno-economical studies:
    optimising the financial D&D strategy of your installation;
  • regulatory work:
    preparing the dismantling plan to obtain a dismantling license;
  • safety studies:
    ensuring a safe decommissioning and dismantling;
  • operational work:
    defining operational procedures, selecting dismantling tools, … ;
  • waste management:
    defining & optimising the nuclear waste flows;
  • radiation protection:
    performing ALARA dose rate studies for D&D activities;
  • measurements:
    from dose rates measurements during operations to ground samples for site clearance.

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