The TBE team provides knowledge for a diverse set of advanced nuclear systems: for energy production, waste management, medical purposes, fundamental research or more... TBE assists you in all phases of your project: design, licensing, operation, lifetime extension or decommissioning.

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Safety standards

TBE members are familiar with national and international nuclear safety standards: national legislation (e.g. FANC directives), international codes and standards (NRC-NUREG, ASME, …), IAEA safety guides, industry codes, ...

We are trained to tackle projects with complex risks. Therefore we implement typical nuclear safety aspects from the early stage of your project, making your system safer and more efficient, saving time and money.

Top-level experience

Thanks to our wide nuclear engineering viewpoint and licensing experience, we estimate cross-risks from different (nuclear) technological domains and provide useful information to (non-nuclear) design teams. In particular for (radiation) physics, TBE brings in top-level experience, from analytical rules of thumb to the most complex nuclear particle transport codes.

Since more than a decade, TBE members perform for advanced nuclear systems:

  • technical safety studies (e.g. flooding, ageing, external impact, environmental measurements, …);
  • facility design;
  • process flow optimisations;
  • techno-economic analyses;
  • nuclear transport studies
  • risk management studies

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