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Radiation Physics Engineer - Apply at the latest on 14/12/2022


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What do you get?

The more we, as an employer, invest in your personal growth, the more we get back. You will get all the training you need to enable your full potential. Throughout your career at TBE, you will be challenged to expand your knowledge on both nuclear and non-nuclear subjects that fit into our business plan.

We focus on delivering qualitative solutions to our clients, in a long-term relationship. Meanwhile we try to create a warm and open atmosphere, inside and outside our company. There is a culture of open communication where your vision counts. We love to share ideas about new projects and new contacts.

What do we expect?

We are a knowledge company. As an employee of TBE, you are an expert in one or more expertise domains, and you combine professional technical consultancy services with excellent project management skills for our services. We value credible and no-nonsense communication and expect you to share this mindset with (y)our clients.

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