The Binding Energy offers high-level consultancy services as well as comprehensive studies. Thanks to our broad nuclear engineering background, on-the-floor as well as academic, we provide innovative, no-nonsense solutions to your questions. We are available for short-term needs for specific projects, as well as for long-term engagements. Flexibility and quality are our keywords.

When no specific in-house expertise is available, we can rely on our large network of associated experts. The Binding Energy focuses on the experience feedback from ageing experts in the field.

Discover here our nuclear expertise and general services:

  • Radiation protection and shielding design
  • Radwaste management: characterisation, activation, storage, …
  • Criticality management and neutronics
  • Advanced nuclear systems design
  • Reactor operation and control
  • Environmental radioactivity
  • External impact studies
  • Mechanical analysis of nuclear systems

Certifications and codes

  • Particle transport codes: MCNP (bèta user), Serpent, ERANOS, …
  • Mechanical engineering: ASME code section III and XI, Vinçotte non-destructive testing methods


  • Safety studies
  • Technical walkdowns and inspections
  • Licensing management
  • Project management
  • External third party reviews
  • Energy strategy studies

Business Development

The Binding Energy provides you with a large background in business development, in particular in the field of technology start-ups. We combine the financial and technological input for your innovative projects.

With our independent market position and large network in the field, The Binding Energy is your preferred partner for nuclear business development. Our company provides a down-to-earth, positive critical input on nuclear projects, taking into account the polarised societal debate on nuclear energy.