An Innovative Pre-Crisis Scan

Based on its experiences in (nuclear) safety engineering, The Binding Energy developed together with PM a multidisciplinary scan to map and evaluate the level of managerial, technical and communicational crisis preparedness. The scan provides an overview on your present level of organisational resilience.

Based on academic research, the crisis preparedness is evaluated on ten parameters with over a hundred sub-parameters in a standardised analysis methodology. As a result, the organisation will be able to efficiently initiate the further development of its crisis plans, training sessions and development of crisis tools.

After the Pre-Crisis Scan the organisation can decide on which priorities to engage in to build readiness and preparedness. Instead of trusting your gut feeling, following the fad of the month or just complying with regulators, a true and fair decision making process based on actual data is applied within the organisation.

PM and The Binding Energy

The Binding Energy brings an engineering point of view inside PM’s integral approach to crisis management. Their integral approach to crisis preparedness is shown in the figure below, and shared through the Pre-Crisis Scan.


Over the years, PM has gained experience in a large number of sectors (such as energy, chemical, industrial, health, food, transportation, finance, governments and authorities, etc.) during both physical and non-physical crisis situations. The Pre-Crisis Scan methodology is applied and internationally recognised through government and industry. A complete list of references is available upon request.