Who are we?

Wim Uyttenhove


Wim Uyttenhove is a doctor in nuclear engineering (TUDelft – NL), and a nuclear and mechanical engineer (Ghent University – BE). Wim founded The Binding Energy in 2015.

Wim has 10+ years of broad nuclear engineering experience in the European nuclear sector in licensing, safety analysis, R&D, project management, operational risk and crisis management and training. He is specialised in advanced nuclear systems and waste management. He has a no-nonsense positive critical view on business development and (risk) communication in the nuclear sector.


Hans Van De Maele


Hans Van De Maele is a master in nuclear engineering (UHasselt – BE). He joined The Binding Energy as a Senior Consulting Engineer in 2018.

Hans has 15+ years of nuclear experience in nuclear instrumentation, physics, quality assurance, transport and licensing. Quality minded, Hans focuses on human development, continuity, change and expansion.


Koen Vints


Koen holds a master of nuclear engineering (UHasselt). He has 5+ years of experience in project engineering, licensing, radiation physics, measurement techniques and transport. He joined The Binding Energy as a Consulting Engineer in 2018.

Pragmatic, independent, quality minded, positive critical, … Koen shares the keywords of The Binding Energy.



Peter Cauwels

Peter Cauwels is a doctor in nuclear physics (Ghent University – BE). He joined The Binding Energy as a business advisor in 2016. He has 5+ years experience in modelling nuclear physics, environmental radioactivity and radiation protection.

Peter has 10+ years of risk management expertise in the banking industry, and held the position of senior researcher of entrepreneurial risk at ETH in Zurich – CH. He initiates business development as a board member of several technology companies. From time to time, Peter shares his viewpoints as external expert for the Belgian finance journal ‘De Tijd’.


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